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We bring enthusiasm & commitment to every project

Who we are

A small team who cares about your business.

We do not use senseless "technical" jargon incomprehensible to anyone not part of that particular field

Our aim is to offer you the best solution for your business at honest price. We want to be a partner in the long-term growth of your business

  • Frank

    Frank Peirone


    Steeped in the web world for over 10 years, I am passionate about everything related to technology, image and social networks. Discovering every day new modes of communication is especially rewarding.
    Webmaster and community manager in tourism for many years, I achieved many projects : graphic design, website development, video editing, managing online communities. My expertise in digital strategy has allowed me to train other touristic organizations.
    Speaking English and Italian ... Beginner in German and Swedish...

    My values

    Sharing, sincerity, dialogue and efficiency.

    My credo 

    Share my passion for tourism and technology for the success of your actions.

    My little hobby

    A freeride ski or bike session to release my energy.

  • Photo Arnaud Augier

    Arnaud Augier


    Trainer, engineer, developer and web strategy consultant for 15 years, I am fascinated by the constant evolution of web technologies and the growth of social networks. My expertise covers in particular the field of e-tourism and online booking.
    Confirmed on various computer languages​​, I am also involved in several open source projects, I am a member of APRIL (promotion of free software in Europe) and treasurer of France Ruby (promotion of the Ruby language in France).

    My values 

    Communication, curiosity and requirement.

    My credo 

    To simply adapt the complexity of a project.

    My little hobby 

    Do yoga in the morning to be on a positive way all day.

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    Responsable commercial et gestion clients

    J’ai rejoint l’équipe en décembre 2016, issue d’une formation en langue italienne, j’ai un parcours professionnel très varié, un peu de professorat pour ensuite un bon bout de carrière dans le tourisme en tant que responsable de centrale de réservation et commerciale.
    Aujourd’hui au sein de Net-Rezo je gère la relation client, le service-après vente et le commercial...mais pas que mon statut de technicienne polyvalente me fait intervenir sur bien d’autres aspects.

    Mes valeurs

    Ecouter, partager, être sincère et mettre en œuvre mes compétences pour que votre projet aboutisse.

    Mon petit plaisir

    Le sport, tombée, non pas par hasard dans un chaudron contenant une potion d'outdoor étant petite, je ne cesse de jouer sur mon territoire (trail, escalade, alpi, ski de rando etc...) et le chocolat ;-)